Name / Description Type / Format Example
When importing multiple UmbrellaPayments this field is used to identify the employee
string "string"
Override the settings for this employer by specifying a ChargePerTimeSheet.
Or leave it as null to use the settings from the Employer
number double 0.0
invoiceValue number double 0.0
mapsMiles integer int32 0
otherExpenses number double 0.0
numberOfTimesheets integer int32 0
hoursWorked number double 0.0
  "payrollCode": "string",
  "chargePerTimesheet": 0.0,
  "invoiceValue": 0.0,
  "mapsMiles": 0,
  "otherExpenses": 0.0,
  "numberOfTimesheets": 0,
  "hoursWorked": 0.0
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