There are two authentication methods for our API.

API Key - Basic

Users can create API Keys in their account by clicking on their profile image at the top of the screen and choosing "API Keys" from the menu.

These are then used as the password in the Basic Authentication method.
The username can be set to anything you like

This is the recommended authentication method if you're integrating with our API.


The web application uses OAuth for authentication.

This isn't an ideal method for long-lived third-party integrations but it can be useful when testing.
So when you're using these API documents you have the option to authenticate using OAuth.

If you choose this option then we'll automatically include your OAuth token in API calls.

You're not currently logged in. You will need to log in to an account to use this option.


Users can have different roles for different employers.

API Keys and oAuth token have the same permissions as the user has for the employer you are accessing.