Determines the settings used when the Employer sends emails.
If CustomiseSmtpSettings is false then SmtpSettings will be null and our default internal settings will be used;

Name / Description Type / Format Example
senderName string "string"
senderEmail string email "string"
If set to true then the SenderEmail provided will only be used in the
ReplyTo fields. The system defaults will be used for the From address.
boolean true
The SenderEmail must be verified before you can send email using that address
boolean true
customiseSmtpSettings boolean true
smtpSettings SmtpSettings {SmtpSettings}
customiseHtmlEmailSettings boolean true
htmlEmailSettings HtmlEmailSettings {HtmlEmailSettings}
The unique id of the object
string uuid "string"
  "senderName": "string",
  "senderEmail": "string",
  "useSystemFromAddress": true,
  "senderEmailVerified": true,
  "customiseSmtpSettings": true,
  "smtpSettings": {
    "smtpServer": "string",
    "smtpPort": 0,
    "encryption": "Auto",
    "smtpUsername": "string",
    "smtpPassword": "string"
  "customiseHtmlEmailSettings": true,
  "htmlEmailSettings": {
    "bodyCssStyle": "string",
    "fontCssStyle": "string",
    "buttonCssStyle": "string",
    "headerHtml": "string",
    "footerHtml": "string"
  "id": "string"