Name / Description Type / Format Example
periodOfInactivity FromToDates {FromToDates}
noPaymentForPeriod FromToDates {FromToDates}
Used on an EPS to declare a Final Submission
EpsFinalSubmission {EpsFinalSubmission}
recoverableAmounts RecoverableAmounts {RecoverableAmounts}
Used on an EPS to declare an Apprenticeship Levy amount
EpsApprenticeshipLevy {EpsApprenticeshipLevy}
Used on an EPS to send bank account information
EpsAccount {EpsAccount}
eligibleForEmploymentAllowance boolean true
Used on an EPS to declare an Employment Allowance DeMinimis State Aid information
EpsDeMinimisStateAid {EpsDeMinimisStateAid}
iRmark string "string"
This property will soon be removed and should not be used.
There is now a dedicated API endpoint for retrieving the XML for a submission.
string "string"
taxYear string "Year2017" "Year2018" "Year2019" "Year2020" "Year2021" "Year2022" "Year2023" "Year2024"
employerReferences EmpRefs {EmpRefs}
govTalkSubmission GovTalkSubmission {GovTalkSubmission}
The unique id of the object
string uuid "string"
  "periodOfInactivity": {
    "from": "2024-06-24",
    "to": "2024-06-24"
  "noPaymentForPeriod": {
    "from": "2024-06-24",
    "to": "2024-06-24"
  "finalSubmission": {
    "isFinalSubmission": true,
    "becauseSchemeCeased": true,
    "dateCeased": "2024-06-24"
  "recoverableAmounts": {
    "taxMonth": 0,
    "smpRecovered": 0.0,
    "sppRecovered": 0.0,
    "sapRecovered": 0.0,
    "shPPRecovered": 0.0,
    "spbpRecovered": 0.0,
    "nicCompensationOnSMP": 0.0,
    "nicCompensationOnSPP": 0.0,
    "nicCompensationOnSAP": 0.0,
    "nicCompensationOnShPP": 0.0,
    "nicCompensationOnSPBP": 0.0,
    "cisDeductionsSuffered": 0.0,
    "total": 0.0
  "apprenticeshipLevy": {
    "taxMonth": 0,
    "levyDueYTD": 0.0,
    "annualAllce": 0.0
  "account": {
    "accountHoldersName": "string",
    "accountNo": "string",
    "sortCode": "string",
    "buildingSocRef": "string"
  "eligibleForEmploymentAllowance": true,
  "deMinimisStateAid": {
    "agri": true,
    "fisheriesAqua": true,
    "roadTrans": true,
    "indust": true
  "iRmark": "string",
  "xml": "string",
  "taxYear": "Year2017",
  "employerReferences": {
    "officeNo": "string",
    "payeRef": "string",
    "aoRef": "string",
    "econ": "string",
    "cotaxRef": "string",
    "sautr": "string"
  "govTalkSubmission": {
    "rawResponse": "string",
    "messageClass": "string",
    "pollInterval": 0,
    "lastPoll": "2024-06-24T13:54:32",
    "correlationId": "string",
    "url": "string",
    "status": "NotSubmitted",
    "message": "string",
    "iRmark": "string",
    "errorsJson": "string",
    "errors": [
        "raisedBy": "string",
        "number": "string",
        "type": "string",
        "text": "string",
        "location": "string"
    "submittedAt": "2024-06-24T13:54:32",
    "id": "string"
  "id": "string"
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