Get Accounting Entries

If you need to you can now get a journal for the PayRun This operation returns a PayRunJournal which contains a list of PayRunSummaryLines[] .

This information summarises the PayRun and gives you the entries you would need to make in your accounting software.

Nominal Codes

To ensure consistency in your accounting entries, you can map PayCodes to a Nominal Code. If you do this then your PayRun Summary will include the Nominal Code that you have set.

Mapping PayCodes to Nominal Codes

The payCode must match the code of a PayCode . The nominalCode and nominalName come from your accounting software.
  "nominalCode": 902,
  "nominalName": "Salary Control",
  "payCode": "SALARY"
  "nominalCode": 403,
  "nominalName": "Pension Contributions",
  "nominalCode": 813,
  "nominalName": "Pension Creditors",
  "payCode": "PENSIONCRED"
  "nominalCode": 814,
  "nominalName": "PAYE/NIC Control",
  "payCode": "PAYENICC"

There is a method to retrieve your mappings and another to update them.
You can map as many or as few PayCodes as you like.