Create an Employee

Get the Employer Id

To create an Employee , you'll need to specify the ID of the of the relevant Employer in the URL of the API call.
This was provided in the URL returned to you when you created the Employer .
Don't worry if you don't have it. You can list all of your Employers to find it.

So if the Employer ID is 07808f27-6271-4962-a372-6b01b936fb64 then the URL you'll POST to in order to create a new Employee is /employers/07808f27-6271-4962-a372-6b01b936fb64/employee

Create the Employee

You can specify many of the properties of an Employee when you create it, but a basic example of the JSON you would POST is as follows.


The bare minimum needed to create an Employee
 "personalDetails": {
  "title": "Mr",
  "firstName": "Benedict",
  "lastName": "Cumberbatch",
  "dateOfBirth": "1976-07-19",
  "gender": "Male",
  "maritalStatus": "Married",
  "address": {
   "line1": "221B Baker Street",
   "line2": "Marylebone",
   "line3": "London",
   "postCode": "NW1 6XE",
   "country": "England"
 "employmentDetails": {
  "payrollCode": "1",
  "starterDetails": {
   "startDate": "2018-04-01",
   "starterDeclaration": "A"