Name / Description Type / Format Example
taxMonth integer int32 0
employeeCount integer int32 0
employmentStatusDeclaration boolean true
verificationDeclaration boolean true
informationCorrectDeclaration boolean true
inactivityDeclaration boolean true
cisReturn CisReturn {CisReturn}
iRmark string "string"
xml string "string"
taxYear string "Year2017" "Year2018" "Year2019" "Year2020" "Year2021"
employerReferences EmpRefs {EmpRefs}
govTalkSubmission GovTalkSubmission {GovTalkSubmission}
The unique id of the object
string uuid "string"
  "taxMonth": 0,
  "employeeCount": 0,
  "employmentStatusDeclaration": true,
  "verificationDeclaration": true,
  "informationCorrectDeclaration": true,
  "inactivityDeclaration": true,
  "cisReturn": {
    "contractor": {
      "utr": "string",
      "aOref": "string"
    "subcontractor": [
        "employeeUniqueId": "string",
        "emailStatementTo": "string",
        "numberOfPayments": 0,
        "item": {
          "id": "string",
          "name": "string",
          "metadata": {},
          "url": "string"
        "displayName": "string",
        "action": "string",
        "type": "string",
        "name": {
          "ttl": "string",
          "fore": [
          "initials": "string",
          "sur": "string"
        "tradingName": "string",
        "worksRef": "string",
        "unmatchedRate": "string",
        "utr": "string",
        "crn": "string",
        "nino": "string",
        "partnership": {
          "name": "string",
          "utr": "string"
        "address": {
          "line": [
          "postcode": "string",
          "postCode": "string",
          "ukPostcode": "string",
          "country": "string"
        "telephone": "string",
        "totalPaymentsUnrounded": "string",
        "costOfMaterialsUnrounded": "string",
        "umbrellaFee": "string",
        "validationMsg": "string",
        "verificationNumber": "string",
        "totalPayments": "string",
        "costOfMaterials": "string",
        "totalDeducted": "string",
        "matched": "string",
        "taxTreatment": "string"
    "nilReturn": "string",
    "declarations": {
      "employmentStatus": "string",
      "verification": "string",
      "informationCorrect": "string",
      "inactivity": "string"
  "iRmark": "string",
  "xml": "string",
  "taxYear": "Year2017",
  "employerReferences": {
    "officeNo": "string",
    "payeRef": "string",
    "aoRef": "string",
    "econ": "string",
    "cotaxRef": "string",
    "sautr": "string"
  "govTalkSubmission": {
    "rawResponse": "string",
    "messageClass": "string",
    "pollInterval": 0,
    "lastPoll": "2021-10-16T11:09:03",
    "correlationId": "string",
    "url": "string",
    "status": "NotSubmitted",
    "message": "string",
    "iRmark": "string",
    "errorsJson": "string",
    "errors": [
        "raisedBy": "string",
        "number": "string",
        "type": "string",
        "text": "string",
        "location": "string"
    "submittedAt": "2021-10-16T11:09:03",
    "id": "string"
  "id": "string"