Used to represent Benefits and Expenses

Name / Description Type / Format Example
taxYear string "Year2017" "Year2018" "Year2019" "Year2020" "Year2021" "Year2022" "Year2023" "Year2024"
type string "AssetsTransferred" "PaymentsOnBehalf" "UnborneTax" "Vouchers" "Accommodation" "MileageAllowance" "Car" "Vans" "Loan" "Medical" "QualifyingRelocationExpenses" "Services" "AssetsAtEmployeeDisposal" "OtherClass1AItems" "OtherNonClass1AItems" "DirectorTax" "TravellingAndSubsistence" "Entertainment" "HomeTelephone" "NonQualifyingRelocationExpenses" "OtherExpenses"
declarationType string "P11D" "Paye"
benefitPayrolled BenefitPayrolled[] {BenefitPayrolled}
A description of this benefit
string "string"
value number double 0.0
employeeContribution number double 0.0
cashEquivalent number double 0.0
assetType string "Other" "Multiple" "Property" "Cars" "PreciousMetals"
useOfAssetType string "Other" "Multiple" "CorporateHospitality" "Boat" "Aircraft" "TimeshareAccommodation" "HolidayAccommodation"
class1AType string "Other" "Multiple" "StopLossCharges" "NonQualifyingRelocationBenefit" "EducationalAssitance" "SubscriptionsAndFees"
nonClass1AType string "Other" "Multiple" "LoansWrittenOrWaived" "NurseryPlaces" "EducationalAssitance" "SubscriptionsAndFees"
paymentType string "Other" "SeasonTickets" "PrivateCarExpenses" "PrivateEducation" "AccountancyFees" "DomesticBills" "Multiple"
Only relevant to Benefits with Type Entertainment
boolean true
Only relevant to Benefits with Type Vans
number double 0.0
loan BenefitDetailsLoan {BenefitDetailsLoan}
car BenefitDetailsCar {BenefitDetailsCar}
The amount of benefit paid YTD when setting up a benefit
number double 0.0
paid number double 0.0
bikOutstanding number double 0.0
employee Item {Item}
The unique id of the object
string uuid "string"
  "taxYear": "Year2017",
  "type": "AssetsTransferred",
  "declarationType": "P11D",
  "benefitPayrolled": [
      "taxYear": "Year2017",
      "amount": 0.0,
      "id": "string"
  "description": "string",
  "value": 0.0,
  "employeeContribution": 0.0,
  "cashEquivalent": 0.0,
  "assetType": "Other",
  "useOfAssetType": "Other",
  "class1AType": "Other",
  "nonClass1AType": "Other",
  "paymentType": "Other",
  "tradingOrganisation": true,
  "cashEquivalentFuel": 0.0,
  "loan": {
    "numberOfJointBorrowers": 0,
    "loanMade": "2024-07-20",
    "loanDischarged": "2024-07-20",
    "startingBalance": 0.0,
    "closingBalance": 0.0,
    "maxBalanceInYear": 0.0,
    "interestPaid": 0.0,
    "cashEquivalent": 0.0,
    "fullTaxMonths": 0,
    "monthlyValue": 0.0,
    "officialInterest": 0.0
  "car": {
    "makeAndModel": "string",
    "registration": "string",
    "firstRegistered": "2024-07-20",
    "hasApprovedEmissionsValue": true,
    "co2Emissions": 0,
    "engineSize": 0,
    "zeroEmissionsMileage": 0,
    "fuelType": "Diesel6d",
    "availableFrom": "2024-07-20",
    "availableTo": "2024-07-20",
    "daysUnavailable": 0,
    "listPrice": 0.0,
    "nonStandardAccessories": 0.0,
    "employeeCapitalContributions": 0.0,
    "employeePrivateContributions": 0.0,
    "freeFuel": true,
    "fuelAvailableFrom": "2024-07-20",
    "fuelAvailableTo": "2024-07-20",
    "freeFuelReinstated": true,
    "registeredPriorTo1998": true,
    "rate": 0.0,
    "chargeableValue": 0.0,
    "fullYearCharge": 0.0,
    "cashEquivalent": 0.0,
    "cashEquivalentFuel": 0.0
  "openingBalance": 0.0,
  "paid": 0.0,
  "bikOutstanding": 0.0,
  "employee": {
    "id": "string",
    "name": "string",
    "metadata": {},
    "url": "string"
  "id": "string"
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