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string "string"
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string "string"
PAPDIS stands for 'Payroll and Pension Data Interface Standard'.
It is an industry standard for exchanging data between payroll software and pension providers.
Our system provides an export of data in this standard and these models are used to represent the data.
Whilst the relevant reporting API endpoint can provide this data as a JSON entity, it is usually represented in CSV or XML format which our API also provides.
PapdisDocument {PapdisDocument}
  "type": "string",
  "content": "string",
  "model": {
    "messageFunctionCode": "Enrol",
    "version": "PAP10",
    "messageFunctionCodeInt": 0,
    "pensionProvider": {
      "pensionProviderId": "string",
      "employers": [
          "pensionRule": "ReliefAtSource",
          "employerId": "string",
          "group": "string",
          "subGroup": "string",
          "payrollPeriod": {
            "payPeriodStartDate": "2022-08-12",
            "payPeriodEndDate": "2022-08-12",
            "contributionDeductionDate": "2022-08-12",
            "frequencyCode": "string",
            "taxPeriod": 0,
            "payReferenceStartDate": "2022-08-12",
            "payReferenceEndDate": "2022-08-12",
            "employees": [
                "employeeId": "string",
                "name": {
                  "title": "string",
                  "forename1": "string",
                  "forename2": "string",
                  "surname": "string"
                "identity": {
                  "employeeId": "string",
                  "birthDate": "2022-08-12",
                  "gender": "string",
                  "nationalInsuranceNumber": "string",
                  "employmentStartDate": "2022-08-12"
                "contact": {
                  "postalAddress": {
                    "address1": "string",
                    "address2": "string",
                    "address3": "string",
                    "address4": "string",
                    "postcode": "string",
                    "country": "string"
                  "emailAddress": "string",
                  "secondaryEmailAddress": "string"
                "pay": {
                  "pensionableEarningsAmount": 0.0,
                  "totalGrossQualifyingEarningsAmount": 0.0
                "assessment": {
                  "assessmentCode": 0,
                  "eventCode": 0,
                  "eventDate": "2022-08-12",
                  "statutoryLetterCode": "string",
                  "isIndividualAlreadyMemberOfQPS": true,
                  "deferralDate": "2022-08-12",
                  "enrolmentCommunicationsIssuedDate": "2022-08-12",
                  "workerExclusionCode": "string",
                  "reenrolmentIndicator": true,
                  "optOutWindowEndDate": "2022-08-12"
                "contribution": {
                  "employerContributionsAmount": 0.0,
                  "employerContributionsPercent": 0.0,
                  "employeeContributionsAmount": 0.0,
                  "employeeContributionsPercent": 0.0,
                  "additionalVoluntaryContributionsAmount": 0.0,
                  "additionalVoluntaryContributionsPercent": 0.0,
                  "salarySacrificeIndicator": true
                "exit": {
                  "exitDate": "2022-08-12",
                  "exitReasonCode": 0,
                  "aeOptOutDate": "2022-08-12",
                  "aeOptOutReference": "string"
          "stagingDate": "2022-08-12",
          "cyclicalReenrolmentDate": "2022-08-12"
    "report": "GrossToNet",
    "taxYear": "Year2017"
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