Using Tags

Tags are intended to give you multiple levels of analysis of your data.
They are entirely optional so you can chose to totally disregard them if you wish.
You can create as many tags as you like, the only restriction is that the code property must be unique.

Using Tags

The PayLine and PayOptions models both have property called tags that is an array of strings.

When you create or update one of these models, simply include the code of any Tag

If you use any invalid codes, you wont receive an error message - they'll just be discarded and only the valid tags will be applied.

As with other properties of PayOptions , they are read-only if they are a child of a PayRunEntry that has been closed.

An Example Tag

A JSON representation of a tag
  "code": "LON",
  "title": "London",
  "color": "00FF00"

Applying Tags

A PayLine being tagged with two codes
  "value": 100,
  "description": "Overtime",
  "code": "OTIME",
  "tags": [ "LON", "CL1" ]