Create Employer

To create an employer, use the Create Employer method to POST an Employer .

The only required field is the name. So you could get away with just posting the following:


The bare minimum needed to create an Employer
 "name": "Acme Ltd"

It's up to you how much information you include in your model at this stage.
You could set the RtiSubmissionSettings , BankDetails , Address and so on now or you can update them later.


A more detailed model to create an Employer
  "name": "Acme Ltd",
  "address": {
    "line1": "123 High Street",
    "postCode": "SE1 2TU",
    "country": "England"
  "startYear": "Year2018"

Start Year

StartYear is the tax year you will start running payroll from.
If you don't specify a StartYear then it will default to the current tax year.
It's important to get this right because once you've started a PayRun you can't change this value.
Don't confuse this with CurrentYear. CurrentYear is a read-only property that is automatically updated as you end each year.


If your POST was successful then you will receive a response code of 201.

The Employer is included in the response body, but what you should be most interested in is the Location header as this will contain a URL to get the Employee in the future. The Id for the employer is in the URL.