The Tenant model represents the brand that provides the account.
This is used by our White Label partners to manage and brand their user accounts.
Unless you are an admin for a White Label account you'll have no interest in this model.

Name / Description Type / Format Example
brandCode string "string"
appName string "string"
homeUrl string "string"
headContent string "string"
logOutUrl string "string"
loginImgUrl string "string"
homeImgUrl string "string"
favIcon string "string"
cssColorsFile string "string"
cssFile string "string"
mailingList boolean true
htmlInsertions TenantHtmlInsertion[] {TenantHtmlInsertion}
Determines the settings used when the Employer sends emails.
If CustomiseSmtpSettings is false then SmtpSettings will be null and our default internal settings will be used;
MailSettings {MailSettings}
signupUrl string "string"
termsUrl string "string"
supportEmail string email "string"
newUserSignupEmail string email "string"
approveNewUsers boolean true
enableBureauFeatures boolean true
enableOmnipresentUsers boolean true
tenantOwnsBilling boolean true
billingSettings TenantBillingSettings {TenantBillingSettings}
The unique id of the object
string uuid "string"
  "brandCode": "string",
  "appName": "string",
  "homeUrl": "string",
  "headContent": "string",
  "logOutUrl": "string",
  "loginImgUrl": "string",
  "homeImgUrl": "string",
  "favIcon": "string",
  "cssColorsFile": "string",
  "cssFile": "string",
  "mailingList": true,
  "htmlInsertions": [
      "insertionPoint": "CreateEmployer",
      "content": "string"
  "mailSettings": {
    "senderName": "string",
    "senderEmail": "string",
    "useSystemFromAddress": true,
    "senderEmailVerified": true,
    "customiseSmtpSettings": true,
    "smtpSettings": {
      "smtpServer": "string",
      "smtpPort": 0,
      "encryption": "Auto",
      "smtpUsername": "string",
      "smtpPassword": "string"
    "customiseHtmlEmailSettings": true,
    "htmlEmailSettings": {
      "bodyCssStyle": "string",
      "fontCssStyle": "string",
      "buttonCssStyle": "string",
      "headerHtml": "string",
      "footerHtml": "string"
    "id": "string"
  "signupUrl": "string",
  "termsUrl": "string",
  "supportEmail": "string",
  "newUserSignupEmail": "string",
  "approveNewUsers": true,
  "enableBureauFeatures": true,
  "enableOmnipresentUsers": true,
  "tenantOwnsBilling": true,
  "billingSettings": {
    "discount": 0.0,
    "monthlyMinimum": 0.0,
    "aggregatedPricing": true,
    "billTo": "string"
  "id": "string"