Used to represent any customisations you make to the look of Payslip PDFs. This is covered in detail in the Guides section.

Name / Description Type / Format Example
Whether or not you are customising the Payslip.
This should always be true if you are providing any other values.
boolean true
Whether or not to include the employer logo on the payslip.
boolean true
customCssOption string "UseDefault" "AppendToDefault" "ReplaceDefault"
customCss string "string"
Whether or not to remove the YTD column
boolean true
Whether or not to include the employer address
boolean true
If true then the format the payslip will include details of the Umbrella Payment as well as employer costs
boolean true
filename string "string"
paperSize string "Letter" "LetterSmall" "A4" "A4Small" "A5"
orientation string "Landscape" "Portrait"
margins PdfPaperMargins {PdfPaperMargins}
The unique id of the object
string uuid "string"
  "custom": true,
  "includeLogo": true,
  "customCssOption": "UseDefault",
  "customCss": "string",
  "removeYtd": true,
  "includeEmployerAddress": true,
  "useUmbrellaFormat": true,
  "filename": "string",
  "paperSize": "Letter",
  "orientation": "Landscape",
  "margins": {
    "top": 0.0,
    "right": 0.0,
    "bottom": 0.0,
    "left": 0.0
  "id": "string"
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